Rat Park

  • Friday 6 March | 3:45 pm | Library Screen 2
  • Society, Addiction, Ethics
  • Q&A with the CMHA Harm Reduction Task Force
  • CAN, 2019
  • 92 min


CMHA Harm Reduction Task Force


In 1979, a BC researcher conducted an experiment, giving morphine to rats in an isolated cage, then to rats in a stimulating park-like environment. The ‘Rat Park’ study demonstrated the impact of environment on rates of consumption and addiction. After the failure of our war on drugs, what have we learned? Visit three countries to see modern drug policies in action: Portugal, the USA, and the Philippines.

A Vice Studios Production, Produced in Association with CRAVE a division of Bell Media Inc. and the Participation of The Telus Fund.


Shawney Cohen