Tickets & Passes

Passes are now on sale for the 2021 Belleville Downtown Docfest.

50 Films. Gala Film & Music. Filmmaker Q&A’s. 10 Days from March 5-14, 2021

Belleville Downtown DocFest 10th Annual is all about experiencing the online film festival in the comfort and safety of your home.

You’ll find 50 outstanding documentaries, and our, not to be missed Gala Film and Music Performance and Q&As. Enjoy outstanding films in your own “at home” film festival.

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Ticket Packs & All Access Pass

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6 Ticket PACK$60.00

DocFest’s pack for those who want to dip their toes in the festival

6 films for the price of 5

Access 6 Films including the Gala Doc
+ Music performance

12 Ticket PACK$70.00

Experience everything DocFest offers

12 films for the price of 6

Access 12 films including the Gala Doc
+ Music performance
+ Filmmaker and talent talks


For DocFest’s most dedicated film fans.

See them all

Access all the films including the Gala Doc
+ Music performance
+ Filmmaker and talent talks

Single Tickets ($12)

Single tickets will be made available closer to the Festival. You’ll be able to browse all the films and buy single tickets to watch the screenings of your choice.


The 2021 Belleville Downtown DocFest virtual platform will employ technology to securely stream films to our festival ticket and pass holders.

For complete details and frequently asked questions about the technology requirements of this year’s festival, please see the FAQ page here.

Ticket Packs & All Access Pass

Get the most out of this year’s festival with flexible and discounted Ticket Packs for streaming online. Ticket Packs are your chance to save more and see lots of films.

Tickets provide access to your selected films for online viewing within Ontario only. Once films become available during the Festival you will have 3 days to unlock them and 24 hours to watch once unlocked.

All ticket and pass sales are final.

Please contact us with questions and stay tuned for email updates as we announce new films and events.

How will it work?

As we develop the 2021 program of films, we’ll announce new films we add by email. Make sure you are subscribed to receive updates.

Once all the films are listed at the end of January 2021 – you will be able to pre-register for each film you would like to see. We will let all passholders know when pre-registration opens.

Pre-registering or reserving a film is a great way to make sure you don’t miss any of your must-sees.

During the Festival (March 5-14 2021) – you will receive an email notification when the films you have reserved become available.

All films will be available for a 3-day window and you’ll have 24 hours to watch a film once you’ve started viewing it.


DocFest has selected the Eventive platform for streaming films to support the Festival for 2021. We are very excited to be rolling-out new features and we’ll be sharing information with you to ensure you get the most of what Eventive offers.

During the Festival you’ll have access to full 24/7 audience help and support directly from the screening page.

You’ll be able to watch on a variety of platforms and devices including Roku and Apple TV. We’ll provide links and guides for you to set-up easily at home.